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Kalite Sistemleri

We have been heavily investing in (R&D) for:

1. Advanced Technology Materials
2. Metal Injection Molding
3. New equipment and process systems

We found ground breaking new technologies during our quest (i.e. high density sinter).

We are proud to offer our customers new possibilities in PM. i.e. We can design high strength , high density PM parts that enable PM use in non traditional parts. Tailor engineered to your requirements, we offer material and technology that enables your perfect part
We will be happy to be your development, solutions partner
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We are proud to offer you a company with the latest in new equipment.
30 to 800 metric tons "9 axis presses",
Direct sinter hardening furnaces,
Vacuum furnaces
Plasma Vacuum furnaces,
Continuous steam treatment furnaces.


We have comprehensive machining park:
Over 100 CNC machines,
50 grinders,
Multiple double sided grinders,
Deburing equipment and many others.


With very detailed quality equipment:
Multiple 3D checkers,
Laser micro checkers,
Retained austenite testers,
Roundness testers and others


We still know we have a long way to perfection but we one committed to trying, to continuous improvement and growth.