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1967: Sinter Metal Ltd. is founded. It is one of the first companies to venture into the new and then unproven field of Powder Metal.

1969: Sinter Metal is in cooperated.

1974: With launch of oil-impregnated bearings Powder Metal proves it is a technology with vast possibilities and it is here to stay.

1978: Sinter Metal grows in all fields of Powder Metal as the the only Powder Metal parts provider in the region. Powder Production Unit is opened.

1988: Sinter Metal decides to pull from commodity parts production. Closes down the large multiple plant Maltepe location and moves to Dudullu to concentrate on complex part production and R&D.

1990: Metal Injection Molding research is very successful. Sinter Metal exports the first MIM parts.

2000: Sinter Metal's bright future founding family decides to restructure, their companies to move away from multiple industries in one country to one company globally. Sinter Metal is chosen as the company to go Global and to receive the investment as the family pulls from other fields of engineering. Founding Family members gets into management company.

2006: 11 Powder Metal Companies 4 ground breaking technology launches, multiple awards and a growing reputation. SMT is the new kid on the block once again.

It is an exiting time for us all as we are fascinated with the new aspects and applications of PM being generated every day. We will continue our exemplary commitment to R&D, technology, quality, excellence and growth.