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        Sinter Metal is a research and development company and a global supplier and manufacturer of P/M and ceramic parts serving but not limited to automotive, house ware, construction, work machinery, electronics, medical devices, transportation, sports equipment, toys, computer, agricultural equipment and energy industries.

       Sinter Metal, composed of 11 powder metal companies, is part of a family owned engineering group that is mainly active in supplying parts to industry (Sinter Metal), construction and real estate development (Misan Construction) and white household goods (Sogutma Elemanlari Ltd.)

     The group has selected Sinter Metal as their strategic industry and committed new funds preparing for the next century.

     Founded in Istanbul, Turkey in 1967 Sinter Metal has remained true to its commitment to excellence powered by most up-to-date technology and equipment, reliable personnel and a research department that pushes among others technology development.

Sinter Metal  manufactures various  parts used in climate  technologies, electric motors, office  equipment, hydraulics,  automotive, house ware,  electrical power units, construction, work machinery and  many other branches of the industry.

Increasing its production capacity along with the quality, the firm is one of the very rare examples to be active in all of the specialized fields like metal and ceramic injection molding, metal and ceramic composites and carbides, metal matrixes, hot rolls, metal powder production, bearings, machine parts, electrical contacts, carbon brushes, metallic filters, friction discs, soft magnets, transmission parts, valves, gears and others. Iron, steel, bronze, copper, silver, tungsten, tin, titanium, lead, brass, aluminum, zinc, graphite powders used in Sinter Metal enables unlimited combinations of properties enhanced by the ability to achieve intricate structures in one step through P/M, and this enables Sinter Metal to give tailor engineering service as well; designing the part to fit your specific applications with the best possible parameters.